How turnstiles improve safety and efficiency at construction sites

5 reasons why you should consider renting them

Turnstiles are security devices that allow access control to persons, meaning that only authorised persons can enter the controlled area. Our company offers a number of types of turnstiles for hire, which differ in their design and functionality. This is so called gatehouse with tunstiles, or how we call it turnstiles container. They are an effective part of the control of access to and respect for the safety of workers and property on the site.

  1. Prevention of unauthorised entry: Insufficient control of entry of persons, occasional slip-and-slip of unauthorized persons, theft of property, alcohol at a construction site or accident. All of this can aggravate not only the guard service, the construction of the operative, but also the developer himself. Use a turnstiles to prevent uncontrolled access to construction sites where the movement of an unauthorised person can lead to a serious situation that no builder likes to deal with.
  2. Presence check: Our turnstiles have integrated systems for recording the presence of workers, the so-called rolling record, which provides a record of the identity, the time of arrival and departure of a particular person, the current number of persons on the site, the Antipassback function, the avoidance of one-way multiple single card transitions.
  3. Reliability: Turnstiles are made of high-quality materials that make them resistant to personal attacks and vandalism, weather and climatic conditions. They are equipped with modern technologies which increase the level of safety and ensure the reliable functioning of the turnstiles. Compliance with the provisions of laws and regulations at minimum cost.
  4. Modern technologies: Smart access control software, access system, access card reader, access control sensors, WiFi / 4G LTE connection, PC with control software, remote access option. The process of managing and monitoring access of people and vehicles to the site for security, safety and other related purposes.
  5. Efficiency: Rapid and efficient transitions of workers to and from the workplace, increasing labour productivity and reducing time spent waiting for access control. Efficient management of entry of persons without the need for major investment. The turnstiles save you operating costs, reducing the need for physical strength when entering the controlled area. We can prepare the complete system according to your requirements, import, assembly, reanimation of the system, training of the operator, service, transport, all secured by the lease.

The reliability of the security systems on offer, the state-of-the-art technology of the digital age, the professional qualifications of the staff, the specific approach and our long experience, that we try to bring in every single project.


When selecting the right type of turnstile container for your site, it is important to consider several factors, including safety requirements, number of users, access zones and frequency of passage.

For rent, we offer different types of turnstile:

  1. a turnstile container mounted with all-passenger turnstiles
  2. a turnstile container fitted with bar turnstiles, mechanical gateways for the transition, e.g. trolley-loads of a larger size
  3. a single portable all-person turnstile
  4. Portable stick turnstile – in case the building already has a secure gate room we can supply portable control software turnstiles.

Economically advantageous solution for ensuring the entry of persons, vehicles into industrial parks. The production plants, the construction sites. Check out our presentation video.

Basic technical equipment

The turnstile section shall have built-in turnstiles at the request of the customer (all-person turnstiles, Tripod bar turnstiles, turnstiles and mechanical gate), through which persons showing access privileges are allowed to pass by the allocated access cards which they attach to the card reader or by other means of authentication (4 x access control sensors, access cards, RFID 125). Computer with control software (keyboard, mouse, monitor, UPS 600VA) up to 30.000 cards.

The service room can serve as a doorway, the visiting room. It is a heat-insulated room for 2 attendants, which allows supervision of the entry of authorised persons or allows entry of unauthorised visitors.

Easy to maintain floor and walls, electric heating, windows on either side (insulated double doors), side door on the door side of the container. 230VAC wiring, grounding, self-lighting, manual buttons to open the turnstile. Remote access option, local area network, Internet, GSM, WiFi / 4G LTE connection.

 Optional supplements

The turnstile container can be completed by the customer according to his requirements for other systems such as non-contact alcohol tester, camera system, defibrillator, entry ramp, air conditioning, solar panel, etc….

Portable input control

Simple checking of persons arriving by construction vehicles. A guard with a portable access control shall approach the vehicle in the access area and have the entire crew progressively verify their access cards to the IN reader. The reader beeps and registers the arrival. It is automatically transferred to a control computer located on the premises of the gatehouse. Exit from the construction site is treated in the same way. Our next item of news.

Non-contact alcohol tester

Alcohol tester to control the alcohol in a person’s breath. Quick, accurate checking of entrants, employees at premises, businesses, workplaces, construction sites. The possibility of setting a random selection. Cooperation with the turnstile system

Camera system

It is capable of retrieving the recorded data in seconds based on the task of the EHC or the name of the visitor, all registered events in the object. The system can be supplemented by additional video analysis and control elements added. The cameras record the turnstile section, the vehicles coming in through the ramp.

Our company provides reliable and well-maintained technological equipment.

In addition to Slovakia, we are now extending the possibility of renting in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Our references

If you need more information or have any specific questions about renting,

We’d be happy to help. MOREZ GROUP a.s., + 421376 557 411,, our YouTube channel

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